Welcome To The World of Photography

We’re building this course for beginners and is meant for people from the age of 6th grade and up, but if you’re really interested in photography. If you’re in the 4th grade or younger, this course is designed for anyone. It’s also designed for people using any type of camera.

You can do it with your old rolly, or you can do it with an old Nokia phone. The thing with these lessons is that they’re designed for people with lots of different cameras.

Sometimes a cellphone camera is not going to be able to do everything the lesson asks of. But I encourage you when that happens, just watch the video anyway, because all of the same principles apply to all cameras. The principles are the same. How they work. The way you construct photographs. It’s all the same.

Right up here upfront, it’s an important point to make. Photography, no matter what camera you’re using is a combination of science and art. You really want to make sure that you’re learning good composition, and you’re following good technique. And on the technical side, you want to make sure you understand how your camera is working and why it’s working the way it’s working right now.

So, we will try to explain all of those things in the course. Although that’s a lot of information to pack. Don’t feel bad that when you end the course, and you don’t understand everything. You just have to read and read again. There are so many resources for you to use. There are forums, websites, books, and videos.